Our Operations .

Marketing Department:

At Medical Plus we believe in our products & understand its benefits. We are able to bridge the need of the market based on the need of the medicine with the marketing strategy to make sure its selected over other brands.

Marketing is managed by a supervised Scientific department and a Marketing Department which are able to meet targets based on market and viability research study outcomes.

In General, the division performs by:
  • Scientific knowledge acquisition of the Product (Ingredients and prescription benefits).
  • Market research of Product and Competitive products in the Market.
  • Viability and Cost Analysis of Price and affordability in Yemen
  • Initiating a Marketing strategy that targets sustainable sales outlets (including Private Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Medical Centers) throughout Yemen.
  • Continued Growth in the established market, and acquisition of new specialized products
  • Increase Company Portfolio in terms of sustaining market growth and sales turnover with sales strategy.
  • Leading the Yemeni specialized prescription drugs supply.
  • Full registration of companies and signature of MOU with new companies in 2018 plan